General conditions

 1. Seasons
High Season: From mid-July through mid-September From mid-December through mid-January

2. Minimum rental duration
High Season: one week and more (Friday to Friday)
Economic Season: 4 days and more (when possible)

3. Delivery
Delivery and return are carried at our rental center on Friday. If, for a reason beyond our control, the reserved vehicle is not available, Location Marco Inc reserves the right to provide a similar, higher vehicle or of another make.

4. Departure
Departure hours are from 1:00 pm through 6:00 pm on Friday (we call the client when the vehicle is ready). For departure or return other than on Friday, or at any other hour of the day, please check with one of our representatives.

5. Return
Returns are carried out before noon (11:00 am) the day of the return. Please contact us in advance if you can$t bring the vehicle on the return day.  Fees are applicable if you bring the vehicle before the return day witout contacting us. No return is carried on Sunday or on Holidays. No refund or credit for early return.

6. Reservation deposit
Reservation deposit is payable upon reservation. Deposit range from $500 to $1,500. Deposit is payable in cash or by credit card (VISA or MasterCard). Deposit is refundable at the return of the vehicle after review of the good state of the vehicle.

7. Payment
Complete payment is payable before departure date in cash or by credit card (VISA or MasterCard). If we haven't received the final payment in the required time, we will be forced to cancel the reservation.

8. Cancellation
For cancellation, the following conditions apply: 30 days and more before departure date, the deposit is kept by the renter. Less tha 30 days before departure, the total amount of the rental is payable at the renter without any refund. The two parts can, with the agreement of the renting part, plan another departure date at the same conditions.

9. Equipment, options and additional services
All equipment, option and/or additional service not included in the rental will be billed in extra. Among the equipments, options and services, we find: generator, bicycle rack, dishes and bedding, etc.

10. Mileage
1,700 km are included per week for motorhomes, $0.35 per additional km. You can buy blocks of 500km at a cost of $100 per block (not refundable)

11. Insurances
For trailers, you must inform your insurances company to add the FAQ27 endorsement to cover your part of the insurance. Please check with one of our representatives or if your insurance company do not offer the FAQ27.   Please check with one of our representatives for details.

12. Drivers
Only the renter and the other authorized persons can drive the vehicle. Drivers must be 25 years old and possess a valid driver's licence. The international driver's licence and passport are highly recommended for Canadians travelling to the United-States. Take note that starting at the end of 2007, the passport will be needed for all travellers, be it by plane or by road. In Canada, the international driver's licence is available at the CAA offices at a low price and in a relatively short time. It's valid for a one (1) year period.

13. Passengers
No passenger is authorized in a moving trailer (travel trailer and hybrid). For motorhomes, it is forbidden to go beyond the specified number of people at the rental when the vehicle is moving. All passengers must be in a seat with a safety belt while vehicle is moving. Insurance doesn't cover additional passengers and renter is entirely responsible if those take any damage. Pets are strickly forbidden onboard any vehicle of Caravanes Marco Inc. 2008 moving or not.

14. Cargo and luggages
For safety reasons and to prevent any damage to the rented vehicle, all luggages or cargo in a camping or travel trailer or motorhome must be secured or in a space where they cannot move durig transportation and have all corners and angle protected againt damage.Do not forget that cargo and luggage increase a towed vehicle weight. Bicycles must be on an outside rack or in compartments for this purpose.

15. Repairs
If the vehicle needs repairs, the renter must obtain an authorization from Location Marco Inc. before having any work done on the vehicle.

16. State of the vehicle
The renter receives the vehicle in perfect working order and cleanliness, he/she must keep the vehicle and components in  good shape and bring it back in the same state as at departure. If not, fees may apply for cleaning and/or repairs.

17. Inspection
An adequate verification is performed with the renter at departure and at the return of the vehicle. The renter, with the technician, must take notes of all damages or working problems of the vehicle before departure, if need be. All informations for the good working of the vehicle is given to the renter before departure by a competent staff. All damages noted at return will be billed if not present at departure.

18. Forbidden uses
All damages to the vehicle resulting of negligence, improper usage, beeing under the influence of intoxicating substances, criminal activities or by driving or parking in a space or driving way not conceived for this type of vehicle is at the entire liability of the renter. Tunnels are forbidden since most cities restrict transportation of propane on this type of drive way. Recreational vehicles must be parked only in spaces especially made for that effect. Renter is responsible for all infringement tickets and must pay them. See details with one of our consellors.

19. Travel in restricted areas
Renters must always tell us their destinations at reservation. No vehicle is authorized to go to Mexico.

20. Responsabilities
Renter is responsible of all damages to the vehicle during rental, including road and weather hazards. He/she is the only liable person for fines, infringements and bills for automatic toll roads. The renter is responsible for a $500 to $1,500 deductible depending on the type of vehicle rented. The renter is responsible for the keys, registratio papers and adapters supplied at departure. Fees will be charged for any item lost or returned late.

21. Gas and propane
Vehicles are delivered normally full reservoirs. We ask that you return them full. Ask for the coupon at the verification or refill place as a proof of filling even if already full. Fees are applicable if you don't have the coupon at the return of the vehicle.

22. Commitments
The renter must bring the vehicle at the fixed time and day in the same state received. He/she must fill the gas tank, propane tank and clean out the sceptic tank. Fees are applicable if filling and clean out are not done, or if we need to thoroughly clean the vehicle.

23. Delay
Renter bringing the vehicle late will have to pay a late fee charge.

24. Cleaning
Cleaning fees will be charged if we need to thoroughly clean the vehicle at its return. Fees will also be charged to get rid of persisting smells in the vehicle (ex.: fish smell).

25. Smokers
All Caravanes Marco Inc. 2008 vehicles are non smoker for hygiene and safety reasons. Fees will be charged if the renter doesn't comply with this rule.

26. Pets
Pets are forbidden onboard any Caravanes Marco Inc. vehicles moving or not for hygiene reasons. Fees will be charged if the renter doesn't comply with this rule.

27. Delivery
Vehicles can be delivered at a specific place if desired. Transport will be charged. See details with one of our consellors.

28. Special rates
Special rates are available for short or long periods rentals or for special events upon request. See details with one of our consellors.

*Pricing and terms may change without notice.