Useful info

Necessary equipment for towing trailers

At reservation, we will tell you what is needed on your vehicle  to tow the rented unit. Informations below are general and must be verified with our staff for each different towing and towed vehicles.

Camping and folding trailers (Aliner)

  • 2000 pounds or more capacity hitch.
  • 2 inches ball.
  • Cable with flat 4 connectors plug correctly installed.


Travel trailers and hybrids

  • 3500 pounds or more capacity hitch, depending on vehicle rented.
  • Cable with 7 connectors plug (5-7 plug) correctly installed.
  • Electric break control system correctly installed.
  • You also need mirror extensions at least on the driver's side (two sides suggested).


Towing capacity

Check towing capacity of your vehicle with your dealer. Some vehicles need modifications for towing. Don't forget to specifiy make, model and year of vehicle since specifications change form year to year. An oil coolant unit is normally necessary if you have an automatic transmission to tow heavy weight.

Hitch height for trailers

For Aliners and camping trailers, hitch height must be between 11 and 12 inches.

For travel trailers and hybrids, hitch height must be between 13 and 14 inches.

Hitch height must be right for the towed vehicle type to prevent shaking or unhooking of vehicle.

Check details with one of our counsellor.

Winter season

Check with one of our counsellor if you plan to rent a vehicle during winter season.